Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a session!

I have to say I wasn't looking forward to a boring 64 min on my trainer today (still -18 outdoors) but I can't remember the last time I had such a great workout. I teach group bootcamp classes so I was pretty warmed up by the time I got on the bike.

First 50 min was 85 rpm (53x19) and struggled to keep from checking the clock. I was amazed at my HR though because yesterday I averaged 154 but today 146! The first 50 min seemed effortless (leg wise) so I decided to do a 10 min tempo interval and then a 5 min cooldown to finish my session.

Tempo Zone HR - Avg 156, Watts Avg 225, 53/17 @ 85 RPM AVG, RPE - 6/10! Could have done twice that amount but I'm still in EM and only doing one Tempo interval/wk now to be ready for my three times/wk Tempo block starting in a couple of weeks.

Friday, February 5, 2010

-23C w/windchill Arrrrrg!

Taking Andrew's advice I am doing one session per day on my trainer (-23C w/windchill so definately not venturing out) to build endurance. The other session on rollers for 30 min. I am up to 62 min today on my trainer and will be adding two min /day towards my goal of completing a 2hr ride in 5 weeks (before my next lab test).

I am so bored already riding indoors. If the winds diminished, and it warmed up to a respectable -5, and we had more snow, at least I could get out and snowshoe train. So, using TV, race dvd's, music to try to motivate myself but its pure willpower thats getting me through. And, to add insult to injury, most of the groundhogs in the world didn't help much the other day. Maybe in 5 weeks the weather will change.

To help alleviate the boredom, after 30 min at 85 rpm today I mixed it up with a 1 min work at 100+ rpm to 2 min rest period. I know a lot of PC'ers comment that they're feeling it in their glutes and hams but I find it hits my hip flexors so much that by the end of 60 minutes stick a fork in me I'm done! (Hence the only 2 min extra/day).

If anyone is visiting Nova Scotia, Canada this summer and would like to fit in a race or sportif check out my organizing site for race details.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

8 weeks and counting

Got my first set of Powercranks in Dec and using them about 4-6 times per week since. I'm a heavier rider, a sprinter, Master B 46yrs young with my long-term goal of competing and winning at the World's UCI Masters in Austria in 2013 in the 50-52 yr age group.

Started with the PC's as recommended on my indoor trainer at low rpm 60-65. After 8 weeks I'm averaging 85RPM, now using them on my rollers --- with new difficulty. Just when I thought I had made it through the 'learning curve'. Then I went outdoors. A big change going over bumps, around obstacles, braking, both feet at the bottom, and of course transitioning from flat, slowing into a corner to uphill --- thats going to take more work.

I would like to thank Andrew at Powercranks for all his advice and excellent customer service so far. I have my second set of lab testing in 6 weeks so I'm looking to seeing the effect the PC's have had on my training. I had not used them for my first test last Nov.

I did a ride the other day --- the temp had gone up to +, its cold here on the east coast of Canada --- on regular cranks with my training partner (a pure climber). A month ago he left me easily on a 500 m climb where he finished while I was still only two-thirds of the way up. Last week, I was in front of him and powered over the top. Did it seated and felt great.

I'm heading to Italy to train for three weeks in April and can't wait to see what the PC's will do for my cycling and running for this season.