Friday, February 5, 2010

-23C w/windchill Arrrrrg!

Taking Andrew's advice I am doing one session per day on my trainer (-23C w/windchill so definately not venturing out) to build endurance. The other session on rollers for 30 min. I am up to 62 min today on my trainer and will be adding two min /day towards my goal of completing a 2hr ride in 5 weeks (before my next lab test).

I am so bored already riding indoors. If the winds diminished, and it warmed up to a respectable -5, and we had more snow, at least I could get out and snowshoe train. So, using TV, race dvd's, music to try to motivate myself but its pure willpower thats getting me through. And, to add insult to injury, most of the groundhogs in the world didn't help much the other day. Maybe in 5 weeks the weather will change.

To help alleviate the boredom, after 30 min at 85 rpm today I mixed it up with a 1 min work at 100+ rpm to 2 min rest period. I know a lot of PC'ers comment that they're feeling it in their glutes and hams but I find it hits my hip flexors so much that by the end of 60 minutes stick a fork in me I'm done! (Hence the only 2 min extra/day).

If anyone is visiting Nova Scotia, Canada this summer and would like to fit in a race or sportif check out my organizing site for race details.

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