Friday, September 18, 2009

Limited movement Power Cranks

This was my third and longest ride on the LM PC's. I went at least 80 miles in 5h and 22m and did two very long climbs(one 10 miles and one 6 miles) that varied between 6 percent grade up to about 10 percent grade with short stretches of 11-15 percent at times. I am finding that I can keep the click/clack to a minimum as long as I am in the proper gear. For me that is usually a lower cadence of about 60 but will know for sure when I get my cadence sensor for my new bike computer. Uphill is generally much better for keeping the click/clacking to a minimum and I usually get the feedback when going fast down hill or accelerating fast uphill. I am going to ride these cranks on the White Mt. Double Century on Sat, 26 Sept. even though they are killing my hip flexors. Currently I have about 130 miles on these cranks between three rides. Soon, I will be using both traditional PC's and LM PC's on back to back rides.

Alex Roberson

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Session number 2!

Yesterday was session number 2 using the power cranks and I was able to reach my target of 30 minutes on the trainer after only lasting 10min on Monday. I found that by increasing the resistance it made it a little bit easier to keep the momentum going and avoid my horrible single leg cycling action that was happening earlier.
I definitely under estimated what it would be like to use them and I am fascinated reading other peoples blogs and how much they use them. I will have to build up to that over time, but this week plan on sticking to the 4 x 30 minute sessions on alternate cycling days.
My quads get tired from the pushing action, but you are forced more than usual to actually "pull" so the hamstrings get a descent work out, like they would if your were running. It is muscular fatigue more than anything the I feel.
In my situation, yes, it would be fantastic to see improvements in my cycling, but my sole purpose is to assist my running, or the lack off, due to injury. I am using the power cranks on my alternate run days to continue to work those muscle with out the pounding of road running.
Tomorrow I will use them again for session number 3 and hopefully again see some slight improvements in my efficiency more than anything else, which in the end will allow me to use them for longer.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ouch! That was tough!

After not being able to complete Ironman Canada recently it was time to make some changes! I have unfortunately suffered from the dreaded stress fracture my fair share over the last year and was looking for another way of working those running muscles other than water running, x-trainer, you name it, I have tried it! What was going to work!!
After talking to a number of athletes who have used power cranks and my doctor I determined this may be the saviour I am looking for!
Not only to help improve my cycling, but aid in making me a more efficient runner and prevent that excess pounding when it seems at this point in time my body can't take it!
The truth is I have nothing to lose so why not!
So here I am day one, the bike was set up yesterday and today I attempted to ride with them on the trainer, just to be safe!
Oh my gosh! What a work out!
Thank god I had only set myself a target of 10 minutes!
I could feel muscles working that I never normally feel when I am cycling and I had built up a sweat after only 5 minutes.
This is going to be tough!
My plan is to use them on alternate days to when I am running and slowly build up the time.
It will be interesting to see how the legs feel tomorrow but it is obvious I have a lot of work to do on my pedal efficiency.
I am looking forward to the challenge!