Saturday, July 17, 2010


Without a doubt a really bad workout. Warm-up 20 minutes with four 45 sec LT intervals to prep my system for the 7.5 km distances to come. Exact same conditions/start time as last Sat but just didn't have it today. I think I started out too hard as well.

Honestly, the PC's felt like they weighed 10lb s each. If I didn't stop pedaling on the downhills I would never have recovered as much as I did for the next roller.

Interval #1 - 6km only/9:46 min/36.41 avg (down 4km/hr)/77 rpm (down 8)/264 Avg Watts (down 50+wts avg since Tue)

Interval #2 - Completed first 2km with a 50.1 km/hr avg (strong tailwind) and was DONE. I'm not an extreme humidity/hot temp rider so the effort felt much harder than it really was I'm sure. The cranks felt like they weighed a ton on the second interval. So, I did 5 more really hard 1 min on 1 min off intervals on distance remaining and called it a day.

Next week are Tue/Fri 2x10km w/10min rest with Powercranks. For the remainder of the TT schedule Wk 4 10k/Wk 5 20k/Wk 6 25k with 5 min recovery between efforts I'm going to switch over to my regular cranks.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Tue, July 13th at 6:00 p.m.

Conditions: 25C feels like 35C/Sunny/15km steady headwind on 1st effort/Rolling course - Bishopville/Was extremely humid.

I was a bit off on distance because I didn't reset my PowerTap computer with each effort but choose the interval function instead. Distance was suppose to be 2x7.5km w/10 min recovery between efforts. 167.5mm crank length.

Effort 1 - 11:17/7.66 km /40.62 km/hr/avg / 85 avg rpm / 315 avg watt
Effort 2 - 10:48/6.9 km / 38.2 km/hr/avg / 85 avg rpm / 298 avg watt

Effort 1 perceived level of exertion was very high (18-19/20 BORG SCALE) so I wasn't surprised that the averages were lower on the second interval even with the tailwind.

Next entry on Fri or Sat. Three hour ride planned for tonite.