Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Warmer in the East

It has finally warmed up to normal temps here on the East Coast and rideable weather is here. Looking out my window the pavement is bare and no wind. Going snowshoeing for a couple of hours this afternoon though. (my 6 mth old border collie has been climbing the walls as we've only been doing short walks since the cold temps hit).

Just got off the trainer, 70 minutes --- 20 FM, 20 EM, 5min in SS avg 265wts, 5 min rest, 3min in SS (tough, planned to do 5, too early in the training season to start suffering much and I was suffering), finish with 12 min cooldown. Started getting really bored around 20 min. Outdoors this afternoon though and on the rollers tonite for 30min.

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