Thursday, February 11, 2010

2nd Outdoor Ride

Like I mentioned it has/had finally warmed up here. Took Mon off, got in 70 min on the trainer with an hour run on the snowshoes on Tue, and yesterday outdoors 40km on my heavy steel Marinoni with Powertap and PC's. Didn't feel as ackward as my first outdoor ride but the last 5km was brutal. Even on the small grades my hip flexors would fail to the point where just lifting the cranks was tough I had to stop pedaling to rest my flexors after I crested the hill (bump actually). I was very happy to be back home where I double-checked my distance. Turns out I hadn't finished a hard 100km ride that my legs were telling me I had.

Two sessions to put in today. One hr this morning on the snowshoes and then late this afternoon on the trainer for 75 min. I would go out again if it was only going to be -3 but the weather gods are saying gusts of 70k. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Only 9 weeks to Italy!

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