Saturday, January 10, 2009

First test results (after 5 weeks)

This week, I was focused myself on two tests:

  • Conconi test (3’ interval)
  • 10’ Time Trial.

6 weeks ago, I did the same test at the University of Leuven. My shape than was not very good. September and October were my resting months; I only trained on the bike once a week.

Training on Powercranks for nearly 5 weeks between 3 and 5 hours a week, I hoped to see some improvement. Because all my trainings were extensive, at low hart rate, focusing on cadence, I did not know what to expect.

Tuesday I rode in normal conditions and Friday I rode on 3000m altitude (14% oxygen instead of 20%).


Under normal conditions

  • Conconi test
    5 weeks ago = 445Watt
    now = 480Watt
  • 10’ time trial
    5 weeks ago = 415Watt
    now = 420Watt

at 3000m altitude

  • Conconi test
    5 weeks ago = 375Watt (=28’.30’’)
    now = 415Watt (=32’)
  • 10’ time trial
    5 weeks ago = 320Watt
    now = 345Watt

So, nearly 10% gained in 5 weeks.

o Initial condition was not good, so it is normal that I improve a bit.
o I knew which results I cycled last time, so I was stronger mentally.
o I was very happy to see that my cadence was very high good, starting at 115/min dropping to 100/min.

After 5 months I will be able to tell you what effect Powercranks really have, but it seems to go in the right direction.


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