Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starting Over

In the fall of '08, I had some good momentum on my PCs but I took some time off to mentally get charged up for '09 and some of that involved getting some work done on my legs in the form of PT (physical therapy). Long story short, I was hit by a car in March '08 and finally gave in to needing some work done on my body. With that going on now and my issues getting resolved, I decided it was time to get on the PCs - well today was the day. :) I started out with an 8 mile run at a nice easy pace of 8:30s - then I hit the PCs later in the morning - alternating with standard cranks. I had two CompuTrainers set up in my garage, one with my road bike and PCs and the other with my tri bike and standard cranks. I lasted on the PCs about 2.5 minutes, then I hit the tri bike for 15', then did the PCs for 5 minutes, then the tri bike for 15', then back on the PCs for 7.5 minutes - giving me a total of 45' of riding 1/3 of which was PCs. I forgot to mention about 3 weeks ago, I did do a 90' group trainer ride on the PCs - that was really only an hour worth of pedaling if that - but it was tough and my legs were shot for a few days afterwards. We'll see how my legs feel tomorrow - but my reasoning for alternating with the standard cranks was to spin out the stiffness the PCs usually cause - we'll know more tomorrow.

Back in June, when I first got the PCs I rode 6 minutes the first day and I couldn't even run for 2 days after that. I am hoping for better tomorrow. :) Let's hope so!

My goal is to do all of my outdoor rides after March 1st on my PCs - I know I can ride one hour outside from what I did this summer, but being able to ride 3-4 hour rides would go a long way in helping me get my pedal stroke smoothed out and getting my hamstrings stronger.

Till next time!

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