Saturday, July 10, 2010


I did two 2.5 hr days back to back on Wed/Thur so when it came time to do my TT workout Fri nite my legs were already feeling kinda fatigued. (I guess I went harder Thur than I thought I did.) So, I moved my 2x5km TT session to this morning.


Conditions: 25C Feels like 35C/Overcast/25km steady headwind on first effort/Start time: 9:15 a.m./Course: Rolling course

Effort 1 - 5km - 41.08km/hr / Avg Watts - 334 / Time 7:14 / Avg Cadence: 84
Effort 2 - 5km - 39.46km/hr / Avg Watts - 313 / Time 7:34 / Avg Cadence: 86

Eventhough there was a tailwind with the second effort I was slower. Felt a higher than normal level of fatigue + the humidity is at 83%. Speed on one hill, at 2km mark, I dropped below 30km/hr. Wasn't happy about that.

Haven't spent any time standing on the PC's yet but, being a former bodybuilder, when I climb out of the saddle I feel like I'm standing a 4x8 sheet of plywood up into the wind. (probably not that bad but I am a lot wider than most cyclists thru the shoulders and with much larger lats)

I may have to stand on race day and if it turns out that I am faster with the PC's than without, I will have to perfect my standing effort in the next 6 weeks.

Next results on Tue.

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