Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New SS Block


Well the weather here in the Maritimes last week was just amazing, eventhough on the nicest day of the week at 18 degrees Celcius I didn't even get out on my bike. Last week finished tempo block with a 50 min 275W avg workout and 12 hours outdoors. It was a very nice week.

Today 30 mm rain! Just finished my first Steady State session - Two 8 min intervals with 15 min ramp up warm-up and 8 min rest period between intervals.

INT #1 - 85 AVG RPM / 265 AW
INT #2 - 86 AVG RPM / 275 AW (this is what I was aiming for)

Thur 2 x 10 / Sun 2 x 12 with 1:1 W/R Ratio / Week 3 doing 3 sets / Week 4 doing 4 sets

Goal is to get all intervals above 275 AW and 90 RPMS. We'll see how it goes.

But, it was a great but tough workout. I find the first one always is.

I know I'm suppose to take a week recup between training blocks but since I got lazy and started my Tempo block a week late, I think its better to take an easy week before I head on my three week vacation where I will be doing average 20 hrs per week + a few 5-10k runs. The goal there is climb/miles/weight loss of 5-7 lbs

I'll keep my total volume the same this week instead of adding an hour and a half as planned.

The result of the Rusko recovery test on Wed might indicate differently though.


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  1. Good luck looking to drop 5-7lbs while in Italy ... All you are going to do is MANGIARE! Keep us posted on how you do and have fun on your vacation.