Monday, March 15, 2010

Much progress


Training has been going great. Finally starting to feel one with the PC's on the road. New X-Lites are much lighter and feel much lighter. Definately feel a difference in picking less weight up over the top of the stroke.

Twelve hours last week with third/final week of Tempo block starting today. Started at 20 min two weeks ago tomorrow with PC's on CycleOps Alum rollers. A great workout! Much less boring and more challenging than on a trainer. Program consists of 3 Tempo workouts per week T/Th/Sun and added 5 min per session. Yesterday felt great with Tempo 45"/72Avg RPM/242 Avg Watts. Tomorrow 50 min (tempo all indoors) finishing with 60 on Sun and shooting for a 245 avg watts.

I'll have to cut back on the volume a couple of hours next week (14 hrs this week all outdoors as the weather is +10C most days) because Steady State training block begins and I want a good rest week before I leave for Umbria, IT for CR/EM Phase on April 17th for three weeks.

Hope everyone's training is going well and, even if you may not be interested, I'll keep you updated as to my Powercrank progress anyway. :-) If you're not familiar with terms such as tempo, steady-state, or EM, check out Chris Carmichaels book "The Ultimate Ride".

If you don't know who Chris Carmichael is, you really need to find out.


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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience with powercranks.
    I'm willing to try them.