Thursday, October 15, 2009

Combination time!

So just a little reminder of my situation and why I am using Power Cranks! Unfortunately like so many athletes (especially female but not exclusive to!) and have been cursed over the last year with the dreaded stress fracture. Roughly 2 1/2 of them! (one was a stress reaction and yes there is a slight difference!) So action needed to be taken number one to get me to a healthy place but number 2, I want to be back racing, back doing what I love most! Sure, you can water run but honestly I can only do so much of that! My doctor then recently suggested using Power Cranks not specifically for my cycling but as a substitute for my running! Why? Because there is an emphasis on your running running when using them (hamstrings!) as well as improving your efficiency on the bike. So, every other day I have been riding with my Power Cranks as a substitute for the pounding of running and so far so good!
This week I began a combination PC/run. It was time to increase my long run and rather than increasing the actually run time I am riding the PC's first then jumping off and finishing off with my run. Yesterday was a 30 min PC ride then a 45 min run for a 75 min total long run.
I know I have only been using them for 3-4 weeks but the theory will be put to the test next weekend when I compete in Longhorn in the 70.3. With only 3x30 min runs a week and the rest on the PC's it will be interesting to see how I go over 13 miles!
I am also trying to increase my cadence now to emulate my running cadence more. This has been the most difficult part so far and requires a little more work!


  1. A suggestion for increasing cadences is to do a brick session in which you ride them at x cadence for x amount of time until your legs fall out of sync. Then go out for a short recovery run (1.5km or so) then back on the bike and this time increase your cadence by 5 rpm. The higher your cadence the less you are going to be able to ride them initially, but your cadence will keep improving until your fast twitch muscle fibers decide that they have reached a max!
    Is cadence all that its been made to be? Chrissie Wellington is a great example; she pedals in the mid to high 70's rpm and she can still run pretty fast :)

  2. Does Chrissie Welloington train on powercranks

  3. As far as us at Powercranks know, she does not!