Friday, September 11, 2009

77.6 miles on standard PC's today

Hi everyone,

I am new to blogging here about Powercranks. I am very exicted about using PC's and have recently gone greater distances than I had previous achieved last year at this time. I actually stopped using them for about 6 months while I was in Texas as I loaned my trainer bike to a friend and removed my PC's when I did it. I only took my "good bike" to Texas and did not install the PC's because I was intimated and was afraid I would not be able to get in the distances I wanted to go while there. I got my trainer bike back last month and put the PC's back on it and rode it frequently. I felt that it was time to do a major ride last month and did a climb with the local group up to the summit of Mt. Lassen in N. California. All told, I rode 73 miles and did at least 6000 feet of climbing on a bike that did not have a front deraileur so my easiest gear was compact 50 chainring paired with a 23 tooth on the rear. Two weeks ago I participated in a 25 mile, 4500 feet of climbing, circuit race with the same 80's Cannondale with a steel fork in the same configuration. I placed 6th out of about 9 or so local club racers.

Today, I did a double hill climb. One was up to Cohasset, East of Chico, Ca, and the other was back up to Paradise, CA where my ride originated. It was approximately 5000 feet of climbing involved for the whole day. I was really able to concentrate on pedal stroke and get up to the top of Cohasset fairly quickly without too much one legged pedaling if any at all. Of course, my climb up Honey Run to Paradise was considerably slower as I was getting very tired and my legs were feeling like jello. I did stop twice momentarliy but kept a fairly steady pace with some one legged pedaling as needed. I achieved a new maximum distance today of 77.6 miles on the PC's Overall, I feel the PC's have helped me tremendously even though I was not using them for six months. I was able to get right back on and ride them fairly comfortably and my current consistancy with them is really beginning to pay off.

Tomorrow, I will be riding hills with the limited movement prototype PC's. I will blog more about that after my ride.

Alex Roberson

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