Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Observations from Months of PowerCranking

I have been riding the Powercranks exclusively since around October of 2008. This means that I have only been training on the PC's - no locked out cranks. I have put in some big rides (over 90 miles), some 25 mph+ group rides, and some 250+ mile weeks on the cranks. I am telling you this partially just to brag, but, mostly, to qualify the advice that I am going to write in this post

I realize there's a ton of message board debate about the Powercranks. In my opinion, all internet debaters would be best served to get off the internet and get on the bike. Try biking consistent 250 mile weeks on the Powercranks before you pontificate on their effectiveness.
I normally like to provide a lot of details and reasons for my advice (see my blog at freybird.blogspot.com). However, in this post I will provide just a few reasons to support my mostly undocumented advice and experience on the Powercranks.

1) The PowerCranks will help you fine tune your bike fit.

The process of relearning the circular pedal stroke made me move my seat forward and down a few milimeters. I had a finely tuned fit before the cranks (I have a custom Spectrum road bike), the crank changed my pedal stroke for the better which made me alter the fit.

2) Powercranks will make your butt stronger than ever.

The PowerCranks force you to use you butt when you pedal. Even though I am down in weight and my waist is smaller than it was in October 2008, in May 2009 my pants are tighter. This is because my ass is visibly bigger.

3) Biking uphill on the Powercranks is easier than biking uphill on regular cranks.

I have no reason or data to support this claim. All I know is my Rate of Percieved Exertion on a climb is lower when I am riding the Powercranks than when I am riding regular cranks.

4) PowerCranks make you feel like a bigshot.

It is a great feeling to pass people when riding the cranks. They feel demoralized when they realize that you passed them while essential biking one-legged.

5) PowerCranks will improve your running.

I dropped 2 minutes between 2008 and 2009 on my 5K time. In 2008 I was running around 30 miles/week, and in 2009 I have been running about 5 miles/week. Based on pictures and based on my feel, I have a much higher kick with my heels now, and I also have better running posture/lean.

6) You need to hug the tup tubes with your knees

I see pros cycle this way all the time...

The only way for me to cycle effectively and pain-free with the powercranks is to hug the top tube with my knees.

7) It's All Tears by H.I.M is a frickin' awesome song.

This doesn't have anything to do with PowerCranks, but the song rocks.

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  1. That's a great post...wish I could afford power cranks! I like your last one about the song!