Monday, April 13, 2009

First Ride on PowerCranks

First ride on the PowerCranks today. I installed the PowerCranks on my tri-bike as I am doing a lot of riding on my road bike. My idea is to get good riding the PC's in the aero position. Little did I know that PC recommends keeping a more open hip angle when you are first learning to ride them.

Photo: The set-up.

PowerCranks are independent drive cranks. It is like doing 1-leg drills with both legs at the same time. The idea is to present the down-stroke leg from helping out the recovery leg. I tell you my recovery leg has been getting some help in the past!

Photo: Riding PowerCranks in the aerobars. I was only able to ride about 1 minute in the aerobars at a time. The manual recommends working with low cadence and open hip angle first, then moving towards higher cadence and aeroposition later.

Video: First few moments on the PowerCranks.

You will notice in this first video that even though I am pedalling and moving, my timing is clearly off. I think that timing has a lot to do with riding these crazy things successfully.

Video: Getting a little better.

I have heard that many riders cannot ride for more than 5-10 minutes on PowerCranks for the first time. So I decided to go for a 1+ hour ride. I went out for a very beautiful ride in the Nashville Riverbend area with my fiance Susan. She took the above videos.

Photo: Lovely fiance Susan.

She also put up with my complaining by the end of the ride about how tired I was. Yes it was true, but the end of this ride I was pretty much cashed. Aerobically I was still fine, but my legs were hurting. That makes sense, because I am trying to improve my neuromuscular pattern and efficiency using PowerCranks.

Photo: My face by the end of the ride.

Addendum: As I finish this post I have just received a massage. My hip flexors are tired. I am looking forward to more and will report it here.

Stephen Taylor
Endurance Coach and Fitness Trainer
Nashville, TN

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