Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trial on 145 cranks

Well Frank was kind enough to get me a set of PC's to try that had a bit more adjust-ability for length. My PC's only went to 160 which I have been riding on for quite some time now. But I really wanted to start playing around with the shorter stuff and see how it felt. So as soon as I got them I hurried like it was Christmas and put them on to ride them and see how they felt. I actually had a chance to go and do some training on the IM St. George course. As soon as I got riding I felt an immediate difference with the 145's it was crazy. It felt easier I was able to get my seat higher due to the shorter crank, which is making me more aero on my bike due to the lower front end, which I am able to get lower than ever before. I never thought I'd be able to get as low as I am. But with the non impingement in my hips from having shorter cranks I am not as scrunched up in my hips which is making a world of difference in my breathing cause that was the other major thing that I noticed was my breathing was way easier in the aero position.
I am in the process of doing a real test and trial with different lengths on a computrainer to really see what length is good for me and to see what a difference in power I can and will have with shorter cranks. So we shall see shortly. But for now I am loving the 145's.


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  1. Hi Heath

    Was just interested in how you were getting on with the shorter cranks, and if you had worked out your optimum length.