Thursday, August 26, 2010

5th in NS Provincials

Last weekend I finished 5/12 in our 40km Prov ITT (B Ability Cat). Only 55sec separated me from the leader but it was my lower power:wt ratio that held me back on the two hill portions. The 7wk Chris Carmichael TT Program I followed had the desired effect as my Aug 17th lab test indicated I was pushing more wattage at threshold. Lab test - completed 3 min at 354 watts/85rpm. I did miss a couple of TT sessions due to the really high humidity in weeks 3 and 5, so only completed 80% of the program. I am happy with my placing. The P4 is a great bike!

My power to weight ratio for the lab test was 4.2 (354 watts at 84.3 kg for 3 min duration). In 4 months time I start riding with the Senior 2/3 riders in Halifax so my goal is to drop 10kg to get my p:wt over 5. I recently saw a chart displaying the average pwr:wt ratio for all cats with Senior 2/3 being 4.5 for 20 min duration. I am going to change my lab test procedure so instead of trying to continually hit a higher number I will hold 396 watts for as long as I can. I figure, as no race next season will have a climb of more than 15 min duration, at race pace a 15 min duration at 396 watts at 75kg computes to a 5.3 pwr:wt ratio. Now I only have to get to 75kg.

I have 5 rides planned per week til then including a 20K TT session, 2 hr climb workout, 2 hr race simulation, and a Sunday 120+ km EM ride. Except for the race sim w/o all sessions will be completed with PowerCranks and PowerTap unit. 2000 cals/per day and additional calories burned in the spinning classes and run workouts I complete a few times per week should do it.

I'll let you know how I did in Dec.

Hope everyone had a great summer.

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