Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Test results

Back in the lab a couple of weeks ago for a 6mth retest. Performed a ramp-up test with increases every 3 min - 167/250/292/333/354 (90sec) watts @ 85RPM. The 354 watt level was an increase from Nov, 2009. Results: VO2 up from 5.5 to 6.6 and lactate levels dropped from 10 to 8.8. Techs said that results indicated my base training had the desired effect. Next retest in 8 weeks is scheduled 5 days before my first goal event, the Nova Scotia Provincial Road Race Championships.

Did a 1 hr TT the other day (road bike/regular cranks) producing the following numbers:
Averages: Watts 260 and 32 km/hr. When I got back to training last Sept I would have puked after five minutes at that intensity so I'm feeling really great about my conditioning going into my race season in three weeks.

Peak power records to date (PowerTap Pro+):
5sec - 1023 / 30sec - 507 / 60sec - 468 / 5min - 324 / 10min - 287 / 30min - 274 / 60min - 264 / 120min - 212. Love the PowerTap everyone should have one. Seeing a new PB after a hard ride only motivates me more to see how much I can improve.

This Friday I'll pick up my first TT bike, a Cervelo P4 equipped with an SLC+ Powertap with Easton EC90 Aero Tubulars. I'm placing my powercranks on the Cervelo for my 2nd season goal on Aug 22, our NS Prov ITT Championships. So, between now and then (16 weeks) I'll be doing ALL TT training with my PC's.

Safe riding everyone.

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