Thursday, September 24, 2009

Out on the Road!

I have now officially ventured out onto the road with session number 3 using my power cranks. It is okay if I don't have to stop for any traffic lights, stop signs or cars while I am still getting used to clicking in with my feet at the bottom of the pedal stroke rather than at the top! My ride was only about 10 minutes to Jeff's house where I used the trainer to ride the PC's for 30 minutes then rode home again. I am definitely starting to feel a lot more coordinated after only a short amount of time and can really feel my hamstrings and gluts doing work they normally would not. In other words, I am working my running muscles while cycling! Yah! That is exactly what I was after!
I am still riding at a relatively low cadence as I feel this is easier at the moment but next week would like to increase the time as well as try and do a few intervals of a higher cadence to supplement my training.
Time for a good stretch of those tired muscles!

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