Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New user of Powercranks

Hello everybody,
I am new on the powercranks blog. So I want to write some words about me and the use of powercranks.

I am starting my second season at the pro level with the BMC Racing Team. Powercranks interest me because I have a displasy. My left legs has less power than the other and I hope that the use of powercranks can help me!

I start this new kind of training last november. Most of the time on the trainer. It's certainly easier to improve his ability on the trainer. The 2 first week I trained twice a week (about 30 minutes) with the powercranks. During the rest of the winter I used it at the end of a long training (about 4h) about 40 more minutes! It's very hard when you are getting tired!

This training confirm what I knew! My left legs has some trouble to keep going like the right one!

During the last winter I did a lot of workout in the gym and on the powercranks. After 2 months of using pc I did a new test to compare my 2 legs. The guy who test me was impressed! Almost the same strenght in both legs!

Since January I use the pc less because I had of lot of training camp in other countries. But when I am at home I am still training with the powercranks!

In the future I will try to train with the powercranks outside...when the weather will be a bite's still not the case in Switzerland!!!

Good season for everybody
Steve Bovay, BMC Racing Team

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